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WikiMail is a simple and efficient online e-mailing tool.

Unlimited campaigns of newsletters can be sent to hundreds, thousands or tens of thousands of people.

Full offer covers free mail models, full statistics including geolocalization of recipients, scheduling of shipments, managing wrong addresses, duplicates, spam mailings, full history, etc.

Free trial without commitment for one month.

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Simple and efficient direct marketing with WikiMail E-mailing Tool

1. WikiMail Features

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WikiMail is an online tool for sending and tracking e-mailing campaigns through Amazon servers:

  • Nothing to configure: your WikiMail account is completely set up and tested by Aellio Web Agency
  • Edit messages with online Word-type editor + full access to the corresponding HTML source code
  • Catalogue of ready-to-use message templates tested with all popular email clients (Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, Outlook, Thunderbird)
  • Option of sending attachments (PDFs, image files)
  • E-mailing campaigns scheduled in advance
  • Emails sent with WikiMail transit through Amazon Servers and are received in the Inbox, rather than the Spambox, of recipients
  • Real-time tracking of emails: monitor who opens the email, locate the recipient on Google Maps and see which link is clicked
  • Shipments are performed even once your computer has been switched off after having launched an e-mailing campaign: our servers manage the emails campaigns launched directly
  • Automatic management of obsolete email addresses: after a few failed sending attempts, such addresses will be automatically disabled
  • Option for recipients to unsubscribe by clicking on a link inserted in each message
  • Automatic report of campaign: recipients geo-localized, open rate, rejected rate, track clicks
  • Automatic report of recipients: history of opened emails, location of recipients with Google Maps, tracking of clicked links
  • Import and export lists of addresses in CSV format (Excel)
  • Management of duplicates : the same email address will be registered only once in your WikiMail account even if they are uploaded several times
  • From 3 US$ per month
  • Offer only available to professionals and businesses

Your WikiMail Tool: nothing to install, nothing to update and nothing to configure on your computer! Your WikiMail account is directly accessible online through the browser of your choice.

WikiMail Video Live Demo

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2. Why use an E-mailing Tool?

From the moment your prospective customers reach a group of more than one hundred people, it is impossible to send them information via email from your regular email account, whether from a free account (Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail ) or from your business email account.

An email campaign for a large group of recipients sent from a standard email account will be systematically blocked after a few tens of emails have been sent.

The most generous free email is Gmail with a limit of 100 emails sent for free within 24 hours.

With Gmail, sending the same message to several different groups of 100 recipients within the 24 hour period is futale. The emails will not even be sent.

In addition, an email sent to several hundred people from a standard email account will always be flagged as spam and end up in the recipients' spambox.

Using an optimized system such as WikiMail provides a solution to all the above problems.

The WikiMail system is connected to the Amazon servers and is 100% optimized for sending e-mailing campaigns to a large number of recipients.

Emailing with WikiMail

In comparison to direct mailing by means of regular postal services, the benefits of WikiMail are numerous:

  • A much lower cost per campaign
  • Access to comprehensive and accurate statistics for each direct marketing campaign
  • Speedy delivery
  • A green solution: no paper nor ink wasted

3. Optimized tool for direct e-mailing

Aellio Web Agency has established direct links with the Amazon servers through which to send emails.

Furthermore, Aellio Web Agency developed the WikiMail tool fully optimized for sending numerous emails in accordance with the five international technical standards that allow e-mailing campaigns on the internet:

  • Reverse DNS resolution (rDNS): This is a technical means to verify that the server's IP address matches that of the public domain. Servers of the Aellio Web Agency are identifiable in this way.
  • Sender Policy Framework (SPF): With this public code, the email address can be validated as authentic by the systems that route the corresponding emails. For each customer account, Aellio Web Agency adds a specific SPF code to authenticate messages sent. More information about SPF
  • SenderId : System identification of the IP address of the sender of a message to prevent email address falsification . This system was developed by Microsoft and several other partners. Emails sent by WikiMail are all configured with a SenderId. SenderId information
  • DomainKeys: A system to authenticate emails via the domain name server logs was launched by Yahoo. Thanks to a combination of a public key encrypted with the email and a private key stored within the server, the system receiving the emails can verify that the emails do not originate from an address without an associated website. All emails sent by WikiMail have an encrypted key authentication and Aellio web Agency creates a very simple website for each WikiMail account. DomainKeys information
  • Domain Keys Identified Mail (DKIM): This signature system is extremely efficient and used by the largest email servers, such as Gmail, Yahoo and WikiMail. DKIM Information

All these settings are created by Aellio Web Agency when opening your account.

All emails sent from WikiMail are managed by Amazon Servers. This ensures that emails are not treated as spam , with a reliablility of 99.99%.

Mass Mailing services

4. Monitoring of email content

From WikiMail, approximately 5000 emails can be sent per day, provided the following guidelines are followed:

  • Do not send content with keywords related to the themes filtered by the anti-spam systems (gambling, adult content, etc.);
  • Do not send any illegal content;
  • Do not send emails to recipients who have not previously agreed to receive messsages from you;
  • Limit the frequency of emails sent (three times a week is a maximum);
  • Ensure that the list of email recipients contains less than 2% outdated email addresses.

It is important to respect the direct marketing rules to ensure that your messages are not spammed.

It is important to note that while the technical characteristics of emails sent are optimized to bypass the spam filters, the content and titles of your emails can trigger the spam filters of recipients.

If a significant number of recipients report your messages as spam, it is likely that your messages will automatically be regarded as spam.

If your WikiMail account has been used to send messages that are outside the scope of the direct marketing rules, Aellio Web Agency reserves the right to restrain, suspend or close your WikiMail account immediately and without prior notice .

WikiMail is a tool designed solely for direct marketing to recipients who have agreed to receive your emails.

5. Comprehensive summary of email statistics

The WikiMail tool can monitor your direct marketing campaign in real-time, as well as keep all records and associated statistics thereof:

  • Rejection rate (outdated email addresses)
  • Unsubscription rate
  • Open rate
  • Number of clicks for each link
  • Geolocation of recipients on Google Maps

Direct Marketing Campaign Statistics in real time with WikiMail

Click to enlarge

Direct Marketing Campaign Statistics in real time with WikiMail

With the WikiMail tool, you have access to the entire history of direct marketing campaigns to each recipient over a year.

Available data per recipient:

  • The activity/inactivity of the email address
  • The date of emails opened
  • The location of emails opened
  • Whether or not the recipient has unsubscribed to your e-mailing list

Direct Marketing Campaign Tracking per Recipient with the WikiMail tool

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Campaigns history per recipient accessible with WikiMail Emailing Tool

6. One-Month FOC Trial Period

Use the WikiMail tool to evaluate your direct marketing without risk:

  • An opening account fee of only 25 US$
  • One month's free access to your complete WikiMail account
  • A fee of 1 US$ per 100 recipients  per month is charged after the first month
  • No commitment: the option to close your account at anytime

Payments are made quarterly after the end of the trial period.

Payment method:

  • With PayPal, the leading online payment system, ensures quality and security of online transactions with Aellio Web Agency.
  • For European companies, bank transfer is available. The payment authorization has to be shipped by mail and the process takes approximately one month.

You can subscribe to the quarterly package matching the maximum number of your initial recipients (with the option to increase it later):

  • 300 recipients for 9US$ every 3 months
  • 600 recipients for 18US$ every 3 months
  • 900 recipients for 27US$ every 3 months
  • 1 500 recipients for 45US$ every 3 months
  • 3 000 recipients for 90US$ every 3 months
  • 5 000 recipients for 150US$ every 3 months
  • 10 000 recipients for 300US$ every 3 months

You have the option to change your subscription at any time, according to the number of recipients.

Please note: In the case of a subscription being changed to a lower package, payments already made will not be refunded.

These commercial conditions are subject to revision with one-month notice.

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7. FOC access to catalogue of email templates

Professional website created and optimized by Aellio web agency.

Use the WikiMail tool to create your own attractive HTML/CSS layouts for your direct marketing campaigns.

An online editor is available within the WikiMail tool.

To simplify this task, Aellio Web Agency offers ready-to-use free email templates  which can be used as is or adapted to your needs.

On opening your account, one free layout from our online catalogue can be installed upon request.

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